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Once Upon A Place  COMPETITION! [[

The story behind Once Upon A Place grew from my stage play, Quicksand, but the structure of the novel was inspired by a famous Pretenders song.  Can you guess which one?  There are clues in the book, which you may have picked up as you were reading. 

Do you need another clue? 


Extra Clue:

Who do you feel is the protagonist of this novel?  Its not an easy question to answer.  Consider the options. 

Yes, that was the clue!

How to enter:

  1. Read the book.

  2. Post your review on Amazon - please!

  3. Email your answer to: thereadingroom@zosiawand.com


I will draw the winning entry on and 31st October 2020.  (Halloween!)

The winner will be contacted directly and their prize will be sent to them.


Signed copies of Trust Me and The Accusation.

If you can quote any of the extracts from the book that echo the song, you will receive a bonus prize!

Kindle edition available now on amazon.co.uk


Kindle edition available now on amazon.co.uk

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