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How not to start a blog 

17 August 2020

Welcome to my blog. 

Firstly, let's just celebrate the fact that you are reading this right now, because while I am typing it onto the screen, I have no idea how (or if) this is going to work.  If you are looking for reading recommendations, writers tips or any concrete information at all, I suggest you skip this and move on to the next instalment.  I love the idea of connecting to all you readers and writers out there, but I am a woman who grew up quite happy to believe that the television and radio in her house were magic boxes offering up stories, music and information at the press of a button.  Now I have a lap top and a phone that also work magic.  Sometimes.  If they are in a good mood and not pre-menstrual, or whatever the technological equivalent of that is!  (I just had to go away to check how to spell equivalent.  Lesson one: type in Word first, which has spell check!)  I think, the key thing is patience.  I don't have a lot of it, but it is clearly a necessary virtue when dealing with any kind of machinery (another spell check).  In the period that I have been creating this blog platform, my phone has started to developed teenage tantrums, cutting me off mid sentence, and refusing to respond to my instructions.  The keyboard on my laptop has acquired a glitch and my warranty service has proved to be a complete waste of money.  Getting through to them on the phone is an adventure in itself and when you do, they won't help until you have proved to them that you have refigured your computer yourself. (Me?  What does that even mean?  Didn't I pay for a warranty so that someone trained in this stuff would just fix the damned thing?) And then, when you pretend you've done that already they get all sniffy, accusing you of lying, which may be true, but is still quite rude.)  Sorry for that interruption, but I just want to make sure no-one else wastes £250 for a lot of unnecessary stress.  Back to the blog.  I promise, after this, I will write about my books. projects and events and also suggest other fabulous books I've enjoyed and want to share,  and bits of writing advice and all sorts of other lovely stuff, but this was just to get me started and say hello.  So, "Hello there!" and thanks for coming along!

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