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"Excellent! Gripping Stuff. Brilliant characterisation and suspense"     "Fabulous ending. Beautifully done"

The Treehouse 
15 Minute Drama Serial on BBC Radio 4
Monday 12 to Friday 16 May 2014

The message: He deserved it, scrawled across a woodland treehouse where a teenager fell to his death twenty years before causes panic among his remaining friends.

"He liked a secret, Mark. He could keep a secret. Pull it out, like a knife, when he needed to, run his finger up and down the blade, watch you while he was doing it. One finger sliding up and down, letting you know."

"Radio 4 can be relied upon to offer up regular crime thrillers - and they don't get more psychological in tone than The Treehouse. All the things I loved about Broadchurch are here in spades. There's the setting in a tight-knit community (in this case a market town in Cumbria). Then come the gradual, teasing reveals of possible motivation. But best of all is a cast of characters any one of whom could prove to be the killer."

     Jane Anderson, Radio Times Pick Of The Week

Photo: Jemima Wand

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