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"a great teacher who encourages, inspires and offers excellent constructive criticism'"

Story Surgery Weekend:
What to do when you get stuck.
How to turn your story into something that

Tutor:  Zosia Wand                     

You have a story.  It may still be a fragment of something in your head, you may have written your first 30,000 words in a frenzy and come to standstill, or you may even have a  complete draft.  It could be a script or a novel.  How do you turn that into something viable that will make people sit up and take notice?


Course Content:

  • Character and plot and how they work together.

  • Pace and how to keep the reader hooked.

  • Point of view – who tells the story and who are we rooting for?

  • The ultimate editing tool kit.

  • Identifying your own distinctive voice.

  • Writing a great pitch.


You will, through a series of creative exercises, distil your story to an outline, identifying strengths and weaknesses with group feedback and support.  You will breathe life into your characters, who will, in turn, enrich your plot and reveal the beating  heart of your story with your unique voice.  There will also be an opportunity to closely edit an extract of your work with professional support over the weekend.


By the end of the course you will have:

  • Drafted a killer pitch.

  • Written an outline of your story which can form the basis of a synopsis or treatment.

  • Clarified your intentions for the work.

  • Enriched and gained a deeper understanding of your characters.

  • Developed a clear and robust plot from beginning to end.

  • Learned skills that will help you improve your writing

  • Developed strategies for moving towards publication

  • Gained a  new support network of writers.

Places limited to a maximum of 8 to allow us to develop your work in progress and ensure everyone receives the feedback they need.

Story Surgeries are planned 3 to 4 times per year in response to demand. If you are interested in attending a surgery please email me and I will contact you about a date as soon as I have the first 4 people registered.

To register please go to Booking Information page.

"Zosia Wand has a forensic ability to guide new and established writers through the structure of a plot. Her workshops are all about the story and she is as generous with her feedback and advice as she is with the refreshments!  The workshops take place in the gorgeous Reading Room and manage to be relaxed yet deeply thought provoking. I highly recommend!"

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