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"Sensitive and intelligent writing"

More about Zosia
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Photo: Jemima Wand

A vibrant mix of Polish and English, Zosia has an exotic name and can do miraculous things with a cabbage, but speaks with a cockney accent and lives in the north west.  She makes and drapes her house in bunting, likes fairy lights and fairy tales and continues to obsess about the contents of the perfect sandwich.  She has been known to raise her head from a book occasionally to feed her long suffering family, but they've  learned not to hold their breath, well aware she prefers the company of imaginary friends.


She has written lots of plays which have been broadcast on Radio 4 and produced for the stage (once backstage) also in pubs and a park and has even been known to perform her work herself.   She has published four novels (main-stream  and self-published) and is now writing for television. 


Born an urban southerner who spent her childhood summers behind the iron curtain in rural Poland, she has lived most of her adult life in the north west and climbs Hoad hill every day with her dogs, to a lighthouse with no lamp, where she likes to look out across the sands of Morecambe Bay and dream. 


A woman of contradictions who has never managed to sit comfortably in any box, it should come as no surprise that she settled in a Cumbrian festival town famous for breaking the world record in pie fighting.   She loves to write, play word games and read and runs creatively stimulating events and courses for people who share the same passions.

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