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"Writer Zosia Wand's strength lies in giving vivid, surprising life to well known fairy tale characters"

Hansel and Gretel and More Tales from the Forest
The Dukes / Williamson Park 2014

Photo: Darren Andrews

The Dukes' annual summer production in Lancaster's Williamson Park is the largest outdoor promenade performance in the country, playing six nights a week for six weeks audiences of 550.


"Wand has ingeniously and artfully interpolated characters and elements from a whole host of other fairy tales, creating a magical woodland world that sits so naturally amidst the various choices of setting in the expansive and varied landscapes of Williamson Park.”


'Writer Zosia Wand does not shy away from the darker elements of the Hansel & Gretel story but also fills the script with humour and fairytale references both children and adults will understand. When the characters collide, it feels completely believable that Red Riding Hood’s Wolf could be friends with The Frog Princess, or that Rumpelstiltskin could find himself accidentally working for the Witch.”


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