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"Stark and tense"     "Enjoyably twisty"     "Intense and brilliantly drawn"

The Treehouse

Fiction / Thriller

Previewed by best-sellling author, Sophie Hannah:

"Intricate, intriguing, beautifully written and highly addictive"


Adapted from the critically acclaimed BBC drama.


"Excellent gripping stuff!"    

"Brilliant characterisation and suspense"   

"Great writing!"   Listener feedback, BBC Radio 4.

"GreGrat writing!£

Treehouse 400.jpg

Cover Design: Ian Culbard

Zosia Wand’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller, The Treehouse was a Radio 4 hit, inspiring listeners to write in and request the novel.  A stand alone story from the Tarnside Trilogy that includes Trust Me and The Accusation, The Treehouse novel is available on Kindle from Amazon.

A message scrawled across a woodland tree house where Mark fell to his death 20 years ago causes panic among his 4 remaining friends.   Someone else knows what happened that night.


"He liked a secret, Mark.  He could keep a secret.  Pull it out, like a knife, when he needed to, run his finger up and down the blade, watch you while he was doing it.  One finger sliding up and down, letting you know."


"Radio 4 can be relied upon to offer up regular crime thrillers - and they don't get more psychological in tone than The Treehouse.  All the things I loved about Broadchurch are here in spades. There's the setting in a tight-knit community (in this case a market town in Cumbria).  Then come the gradual, teasing reveals of possible motivation.  But best of all is a cast of characters any one of whom could prove to be the killer." 

Jane Anderson, Radio Times Pick Of The Week



Available on Kindle  

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