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The Smallest Launch Party In The World

​​​1st September 2020

How do you launch a virtual novel during a pandemic?  No guests and no physical book in my hand.


But the sun was out!  The book was out!  Something needed to happen, so I poured a glass of bubbly, enlisted Jemima's support and we recorded a little something for you all ...  

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The Final Push

​​​28th August 2020

A frenzy of computer-based activity, uploading the final version of the novel to Amazon and creating a new home page on my website to promote it.  The last minute quote for the cover has been inserted.  Yet another last minute edit made (I have been calling Jack Scout in Silverdale, Jack's Snout for twenty-five years and no-one has corrected me!) and we've done it ...

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​​​27th August 2020

A writer’s life can be lonely.  You have to be your own first believer and keep faith in the face of endless rejections.  You have to remind yourself that it isn’t about financial gain, but creative achievement and seek ways to sooth your fragile ego.  I keep good reviews to read when I am low, and I am always surprised.  It is easy to forget your successes when you are constantly facing the next challenge.  Your public face must be upbeat , but there are days when that’s just not how you feel.  The slightest thing can knock you off kilter ... 

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Instagram Princess

​​​23rd August 2020

It's Sunday morning and I am at the kitchen table with my new hat on.  I am not just a writer now, but also a publisher and, in reality, a business entrepreneur.  Still, it’s good to know that I can continue to work in my pyjamas!  So, as a fledgling publisher, these are my tips so far ...

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Sparks Flying

​​​22nd August 2020
I am embarking on a new publishing adventure.  I have a new and very different novel called Once Upon A Place, and it's my literary debut.  That's right, not a psychological thriller, but something a little more like my plays.  Lyrical, rooted in the local landscape, drawing on my Polish roots and a little playful with structure.  Does that sound overblown?  Well, fear not, my friends, it is still funny and down to earth and above all, warm.  I don't know about you, but I have become tired ...
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How not to start a blog 

​​​17 August 2020
Welcome to my blog. 

Firstly, let's just celebrate the fact that you are reading this right now, because while I am typing it onto the screen, I have no idea how (or if) this is going to work.  If you are looking for reading recommendations, writers tips or any concrete information at all, I suggest you skip this and move on to the next instalment ...