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"Caroline combines in-depth knowledge of her craft with solidly based teaching skills"

Dialogue and Voice
April 28th - 29th 2018
Course Tutor   Zosia Wand

Good dialogue sounds natural, but is, in fact, highly stylised and efficient.  Writing effective dialogue requires an understanding of your characters, their history and motivations.  Economy and subtext are everything.

Course Content:

  • A wide range of creative exercises to explore your characters

  • How character affects voice

  • Making each voice distinct

  • The importance of subtext

  • Silence is golden.Less is more.Cut, cut, cut and trust your reader.

  • The power of suggestion


You will, through a series of creative exercises, explore your characters and how they speak.  You will discover what they say and what they can’t say.  While discerning their unique voice and point of view you will strengthen your plot and enrich your story. 


By the end of the course you will have:

  • Developed a strong voice for your protagonist.

  • Defined a contrasting voice for your antagonist.

  • Analysed the key features of successful dialogue from professional playwrights.

  • Written and edited key scenes with effective dialogue

  • Gained the skills to edit dialogue effectively.

  • Gained a network of writers who might form a continuing support group.


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