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"Zosia's feedback is always encouraging and constructive"

Character and Voice
February 1st - 2nd 2020 [[
Course Tutor  Zosia Wand

Strong characters are the heart of every good story.   What they say and do and the way they say and do it,  drives the action.  As writers we should know exactly how our characters would behave in any situation.  How does a writer create vivid and convincing characters that ‘leap off the page’ ?


Course Content:

  • A wide range of creative exercises to build fictional characters

  • What our characters want and what they need

  • Protagonist versus antagonist

  • The relationship between character and plot

  • Voice and dialogue

  • The supporting cast

You will, through a series of creative exercises, discover your characters and come to define them with increasing precision.  You will explore their voice and point of view.  As they gain strength, they will enrich your plot and shape their story. 

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Developed a strong, believable protagonist and powerful, authentic antagonist.

  • Gained the skills to create a cast of supporting characters who feed your central narrative.

  • Written an outline of your story which can form the basis of a synopsis or treatment.

  • Developed a clear and robust plot from beginning to end.

  • Learned skills that will help you improve the pace and quality of your writing.

  • Gained a network of writers who might form a continuing support group.

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