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"Zosia's feedback is always encouraging and constructive"

Editing and Mentoring
Professional editing services, feedback and advice for writers
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Why me?

Choosing an editor for your novel or script is not an easy task.  Handing over your creative work can be nerve-wracking and parting with hard cash up front, is risky.  You need to be confident that you are engaging the services of someone with appropriate experience and the right approach for you. So let's start with a recommendation:

“With a flick of a wand, Zosia will get the heart of your story, cut away the rough edges and distractions and help you polish it until it shines.  Her story structure game is strong but she’s not forgotten how it feels to be on the receiving end of an editor’s red pen. Synopsis bootcamp leaves you feeling energised, uplifted and more clear-sighted about the shape of your narrative.”    Beth Broomby

I have been writing professionally and teaching creative writing within universities and across the broader community for 20 years.  I have written numerous scripts for radio, stage and screen and draw on these skills to struture and plan my novels.  My in-depth knowledge of dramatic structure can take your novel or script to the next level.




​​​What sort of editing do you need?

I offer three levels of editing service. 

1.  Editing Your Synopsis/Treatment

You may already have a synopsis, treatment or pitch, or need to write one for your completed novel or you may have an idea for a novel which you would like to structure into a plan or map before you begin.

A story needs a strong skeleton. You can have beautiful details, wonderful characters, dazzling dialogue and vivid locations, but without a strong skeleton your story will never dance.  Learning how to structure your stories is an essential skill.  It is also one of the most difficult.  This is where an outside eye can be very helpful.

I approach the editing of a synopsis in the following way:

  • First you send me your draft synopsis. I can provide you with a list of questions and a simple exercise to make this process easier. You can use my guidelines to create a synopsis from scratch, or edit an existing one.

  • I will then read your draft synopsis and offer you comprehensive feedback, identifying any plot holes, inconsistencies or points that require clarification. Again, I will provide you with questions to consider, suggestions and advice.

  • Finally, I will read your edited synopsis and provide you with feedback.


Fee: £200

I would strongly recommend beginning with this service.  It allows you an opportunity to test the water before you commit to a higher fee.  It will also provide you with crucial advice that may lead to another edit before you submit a manuscript for feedback.  It could save you time and money.


2.  Editing Your Opening Extract


Send me the opening chapters of your novel.  Up to 10,000 words.  This is what most agents and publishers request in their submission guidelines.  I will offer you line by line feedback and a short, summary report with recommendations.  You will need to submit a synopsis alongside this. 


Send your full script and synopsis. 


If I feel your synopsis needs editing, I will contact you to offer the option to do this instead.

If I have previously edited your synopsis for you, this fee would be reduced to £200.00

​3.  Editing Your Full Manuscript

A full, line by line edit of your manuscript (up to 100,000 words) with a summary report.  I will consider longer manuscripts, but may need to adjust the price to take into account the extra work.  You will need to submit a synopsis alongside this.


If I feel your synopsis needs editing, I will contact you to offer the option to do this instead.

If I have previously edited your synopsis and/or opening extract, the fee will be reduced to £375.00.

To submit work for editing e-mail:

More Testimonials


“I highly recommend Zosia Wand.  She is a rigorous editor with many years of experience writing for the stage, page and airwaves. She is my go-to person for feedback on drafts of novels and plays as well as the ever-tricky synopsis. She provides constructive feedback kindly and thoughtfully with insight and skill.”    Kirstie Pelling



“Zosia is a consummate storyteller and knows exactly how to articulate the story within a pitch. The discussion helped me to unearth plot difficulties and unresolved issues in my script. By the end of the session I had a polished pitch with a clear synopsis and snappy logline. Zosia helped me understand not only the story but why it needs to be told. Pitching is one of the trickiest parts of the process and Zosia is a great mentor who knows the industry and commissioning landscape. For excellent guidance and insider knowledge on the business I would highly recommend Zosia.”    Jilly Sumsion


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