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"a great teacher who encourages, inspires and offers excellent constructive criticism'"

Beyond The Muddle in The Middle
A development weekend for work-in-progress

4th - 5th February 2023
Tutor   Zosia Wand                       

You have a work-in-progress.  It could be a novel or a script or something else entirely. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed by it, or simply lonely. It can help to connect with other writers making the same commitment who understand the writing process, a writing support group who are happy to engage with your characters and their world and offer respectful and constructive insights.  Add to that, tailored professional feedback and tuition in direct response to your submission and you have a unique opportunity to gain new skills while developing your project substantially. It's face-to-face, intensive, highly productive and great value. All this for the price of a one-to-one mentoring session.


Course Preparation

  • You will be invited to submit a short synopsis along with an extract of work (up to 2000 words) in advance of the course. This will be circulated to all participants.

  • You will be asked to read the work of your fellow participants in preparation for the group discussion.

  • You will not be required to provide detailed analysis of the pieces you read, simply to have read them at least once and perhaps make some notes on the text highlighting anything you wish to contribute to the discussion.


Course Content:

This will depend on the work submitted as it is a tailored course, but we will use your submissions to consider:

  • Authorial voice

  • Character and plot and how they work together.

  • Pace and how to keep the reader hooked.

  • Point of view – who tells the story and who are we rooting for?

  • A range of editing techniques.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • produced a powerful pitch/synopsis.

  • enriched and gained a deeper understanding of your characters.

  • refined a clear and robust plot from beginning to end.

  • learned skills that will help you continue to improve your writing.

  • developed strategies for moving towards publication.

  • gained a  new support network of writers.

Places are limited to 7 to ensure everyone receives the feedback they need.

To book go to Booking Information page.

"Zosia Wand has a forensic ability to guide new and established writers through the structure of a plot. Her workshops are all about the story and she is as generous with her feedback and advice as she is with the refreshments!  The workshops take place in the gorgeous Reading Room and manage to be relaxed yet deeply thought provoking. I highly recommend!"

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