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"A great teacher who encourages, inspires and offers excellent constructive criticism"

Writing Short Stories: Moving Towards Publication
June 9th - 10th 2018
Course Tutor   Caroline Gilfillan

Writing short stories can give you a chance to experiment with form and voice and find your identity as a writer.  Want to have a go at a horror story? You can. Want to play around with time frames? You can. Want to write a story written in sentences of no more than five words? You can. Because you’re not embarking on the longer project, you’re free to try things out, to test your skills, and to push yourself into new ways of writing.


Course Content

  • Creating dynamic, complex characters

  • Using different time frames 

  • Unreliable narrators  

  • The importance of setting

  • Voice and Point of View

  • Plot

  • Dialogue

  • Developing a collection, or combining stories to form a novel

  • Getting published

We’ll take inspiration from Ulverston's unique setting , heading out from The Reading Room to explore the town centre and the beginning of the Cumbria Way footpath, observing and gathering small seeds that can be grown into stories.



By the end of the course you will have:

  • Written at least one short story

  • Developed ideas for several more

  • Learned skills that will help you improve your writing

  • Developed strategies for moving towards publication

  • A network of writers who have sampled your work which could provide the basis for a continuing support group.

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